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Long after the bride and groom have departed from their wedding reception (possibly for some exotic honeymoon locale – their “Classic Gift Basket” firmly in hand and ready for late night snacking), Classic Catering is still at work.

How does Classic know they’ve not only done the job, but “done the job well”? When the wedding reception has been flawless.

Come Monday morning though, there is more work to be done. There are more catering details to be triple-checked. More Thai fruit sculptures to be carved. And, more special-needs menus to be planned. Next weekend, there’s another very important wedding taking place.

It might even be yours. That’s why Doug and Mary Partridge treat each wedding as if it were their own. After all, that’s the only way to be certain that each wedding reception becomes its own true Classic.

Ron and Courtney

Our wedding was planned for September 10, 2011 – 9/10/11, a very popular wedding date! We went to “A Private Tasting” event held at Classic Catering and tasted the bruschetta, cheese torte, fruit, and chocolate strawberries. Mary was just great! In fact, after meeting her we never really went elsewhere. Everyone at Classic was all very personable – and their offices have a nice, family atmosphere.

As it turned out, our wedding had all kinds of challenges (not associated with the catering!) For example, the week before the wedding the tuxedo store went out of business and, on the day of our wedding, the church air conditioning was not working.

Through it all, though, the reception was seamless; we never felt stressed. Even though we decided to change our menu three weeks before the wedding, Classic didn’t miss a beat. Mary said, “We’ll make it work.”

And they did. When we walked into the reception, the hors d’oeuvres were ready to go and we were thrilled. They also had a “Sweetheart Table” for us – we didn’t have to worry about going through the buffet line, we were served dinner at our very own special table. Classic was so involved with every reception detail; they even helped us with the timeline for the reception and supplied the cake cutting utensils.

At the end of the evening we were pretty hungry and Classic provided and Classic provided a nice gift basket of small favorites – it really made a difference.

We never had to worry about the catering – Classic was great!

Claire and Scott

Comments from JoAnn, mother of the bride:

Classic Catering catered my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding. We also had Classic cater a personal holiday party in our home.

For the wedding catering we went to an open house and sampled Classic’s food and it was great! Later, we also went to “A Private Tasting” and sampled more wonderful food. It was unanimous, we chose Classic Catering.

Through it all, Classic was very easy to work with. They’re always very specific in their contracts; very upfront with costs. There were no surprises and (be it the wedding or other catered events with Classic), we’ve always spent exactly what we wanted to spend. Classic never cuts any corners; they worked within our budget and adjusted the menu items to make it all work.

For the wedding reception we had over 250 guests and we literally never really had to worry about a single thing. Nobody is easier to work with than Mary! She had a timeline for us all written down. The fantastic food included two carving stations, the cheese torte, their bruschetta tray, tossed salad, roasted vegetables and fingerling potatoes. And the Thai fruit sculptures that Doug did were just beautiful!

Classic Catering did everything they said they would do and more. Mary emailed details back and forth right up to the day of the event. And, at the reception, they even helped put out the party favors and handled cutting the cake, and it wasn’t even their cake! At the reception the servers were well-groomed and very unobtrusive. Everyone was just very professional.

With Classic Catering, we felt like we always came first.

Tracie and Steve

Classic Wedding

Friends who had used Classic Catering for a retirement party and had great success with them recommended Classic Catering to us. We went to meet at Classic’s offices and, from the very beginning, Doug and Mary were very professional and their presentation was great.

When we met together, they really asked us questions: What was the atmosphere, the environment, we wanted for our reception? What kind of event did we want? We said we definitely wanted something non-traditional – a party, yet fun and elegant.

They were incredible listeners and they really helped us clarify what we wanted our reception to be. They took a very personalized approach – and a very personal interest in us.

At the reception, Classic’s amazing table-scapes really worked – and they totally matched our color theme, even down to the wonderful Thai fruit carvings. And the food was delicious; in fact, the Mushroom Ravioli was outstanding!

We literally didn’t have to think of a thing at the event. They also collaborated well with our music person – coordinating the timing of the reception. The DJ told us that he’d worked with a lot of wedding caterers over the years but Classic was truly one of the very best – they were great.

We were so relaxed at the reception. It was a lovely evening, and Classic Catering really exceeded our expectations!

Kristin and Jonathan

wedding catering kansas cityComments from Kristin, bride:

My dad had used Classic Catering for corporate catering in his business with good success and that’s how we knew of them. We also had been to a bridal fair in advance, but none of the other caterers really impressed us. It was truly the private tasting at Classic with all of the great food that really sold us.

My fiancé and I were actually a half hour late to the tasting – but the food was still wonderful; in fact we went back for seconds – it was that good!

In planning the reception, Mary was very good with all of the details and also with any changes. In fact, the Wednesday before the wedding, we picked out a different color cloth napkin – but it was no big deal for Mary! She really watches all the little things, she even helped us get all of the candles lit; there is literally nothing she wouldn’t do for us.  She even told us where to put our hands when cutting the wedding cake!

The food was really exceptional. The layered cheese torte was especially good! We had seven vegetarians to accommodate at the event. They just let their server know when their tables were released to the buffet and it all worked very well. The fruit sculpture displays were great too; very elegant – just beautiful.

Not a single thing went wrong on the day of the wedding. The reception was excellent; I really can’t say enough about Classic. They had a hand in everything at our reception, but they weren’t overbearing. They were there but you never saw them, it all just “magically” happened!

Comments from Phyllis, mother of the bride:

Prior to choosing Classic for Kristin’s wedding, Classic had handled catering for my husband and his medical residency program for some time and they’d also done some catering in our home. It’s been a long relationship and there had been consistent high quality so they were definitely on our short list.

In preparation for Kristin’s wedding we went to a private tasting at Classic and really loved it. We weren’t sure if they were going to be in the price range, but as it worked out, they were able to work within our budget: We were thrilled! A lot of caterers have hidden costs – which is not so with Classic. They’re very straightforward.

The reception was held at the Cotillion in Blue Springs. Classic did a nice job of coordinating event details with the reception space. They really know what they’re doing; they were just very organized and had really thought the reception through thoroughly.

In planning the wedding, Mary came up with a lot of details I hadn’t even thought of. You don’t get many opportunities to plan a daughter’s wedding so you really want to get it right. Classic really thought of everything; there was not one thing they didn’t consider. They even had a special waiter dedicated to Kristin; he greeted her, got her water and really doted on her needs all evening long.

We loved the food – including, of course, the cheese torte! We had the champagne chicken and also the brisket. The guests really loved it. And the fruit sculptures were really amazing; in fact, the whole table display was just beautiful. The whole reception just went perfectly!

Erica and Jackson

wedding catering kansas cityComments from Laura, the mother of the bride:

I would say the biggest contribution of Classic Catering was calming my nerves and giving me confidence that everything about my daughter’s wedding reception was going to be beautiful and run smoothly.  I felt they had the expertise to handle anything that might come along.

As an example, there was one tiny thing that meant a lot to me as mother of the bride.  When guests started arriving and looking for their seat, the two program girls had not yet arrived (I was not aware they were going to the hotel to get a change of clothes).  Mary, in her professional chef jacket, stood at the door and helped people find their seat assignment and table.  I would have had to do that if she had not taken over the job.

Also, before the wedding, she helped Erica and me plan the order of the wedding and reception minute-by-minute.  Mary’s expertise was extremely valuable, as we had never planned a wedding before.  She knew how it would flow best in regards to first dance, father’s speech, cutting the cake, etc. For us, Classic helping out with all of these little things added up to being a really big thing!

Comments from Rick, the father of the bride:

The company I worked for had used Classic for several upscale customer events so I knew their work. They had always been professional and their food was great. Because of our disparate work schedules, we needed to meet with Classic on a Saturday at their office. Mary arranged a private tasting where their chef brought out a half dozen delicious items for sampling. We also attended a group tasting with Classic and the food was equally as good.

The catering from Classic was a surprisingly great value.  We visited with a few other caterers and we found Classic was really willing to work within our budget to provide excellent food and great service at a reasonable price.

The reception was held at downtown at Club 1000. Classic worked well with the venue to coordinate all of the setup details for the event. Everything went exactly as planned – from beginning to end. Classic was the last to leave the reception; they really managed every detail.

I went by the venue the next morning to be certain that it was clean and I have to say, the place was spotless. Classic provided great food, great value and a professional staff. There were extremely easy to work with – we didn’t have to worry about a thing!

Alison and Steve

wedding catering kansas cityComments from Steve, groom:

We actually were married in Fiji but we wanted to have a reception for friends in Kansas City to celebrate with them when we returned. We wanted an eclectic setting so we chose an art gallery in the Crossroads art district. It was important to us to have a relaxing, fun and social atmosphere – and the food needed to be an important part of that mix.

We met the Partridges at a bridal show in Mission where we also tasted some of their appetizers – the cheese torte layered with pesto was excellent. We talked to a few different caterers, but Mary had so much experience and was so organized that it really eased our decision in choosing Classic.

Mary truly was great to work with; she really talked through the event completely – and she was very friendly in her approach, very open and not rigid and definitely interested in what we wanted the event to be.

She put together a really elegant and modern table-scape to display the food – one that really worked well within the art gallery. For our event we had lots of cultures and palates and a variety of family members – some with food allergies. But Classic made it all work.

All the food and setups were just great. They handled the bar service too. It was very nice, with tables and linens and classy bartenders. Classic also worked well in coordinating with the gallery. It was all much less stressful than we expected, and the cleanup after was immaculate. There were really no issues. They worked within our budget and our friends just loved it.