Corporate Catering. Time. Morale. Money.

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Corporate Catering.  Time. Morale. Money.

Are you contemplating bringing office catering to your business? Convincing your boss? Weighing the pros and cons? Are you in charge of the next employee appreciation event? Decisions…decisions.

Catering lunch to an office keeps your associates in the building instead of leaving the premises. Does this save on time? Sure it can. Clearly, the nature of the business and work is dependent on this answer too; you can’t eat lunch while working at a production plant or hands-on job. Although, having lunch at arm’s reach is always more efficient!


Who doesn’t love to be catered to? Who doesn’t love to feel appreciated? Who doesn’t love to have a full stomach? Hosting weekly, bi-weekly, monthly (you get it) lunches gives your associates something to look forward to, something to talk about, and moves you as the employer up a few belt notches on the morale ladder.


So clearly increasing your catering budget is a hard cost to the business, but looking at the overall bigger picture, we the caterer (who is totally not biased and inserting a wink) believe you will SAVE! Employee retention, attitude and your business culture will make or break a growing company. “Come work at Classic Financial Group”, lunch catered in on Fridays, everyone loves it hear! Your team is the driving force representing your business and their feelings about where they work are important. Save the business money, by retaining and growing a happy and well fed culture.

Our corporate lunches start at $9.95 a person, and guess what? We cook our food fresh daily. Our Chef’s come in every day to prep, prepare and cook every meal with heart and care. Because…well…you know we eat good hear in our kitchen and our staff are happy! Happy catering.

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