How to Develop a Brand for your Catering Company

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If you are a caterer you know how important the quality of the food is to your success, but do you also know how important your brand is? Here at Classic Catering Corp we recently had a “Stories of Success” presentation for our local chamber of commerce. In the research for it, we had to look back on our 23 years in business and were reminded of how far we had come, especially where our branding was concerned.


  1. Know your target audience and your competition

One of our reasons for redoing the brand for our company was to attract more brides. We liked our original logo, but it hadn’t been in style since the 90’s. We needed a more modern style of logo in order to make our young customers understand that we stay up to date with the latest trends in our business. When we talked to the agency responsible for designing our logo, we told them what we needed from our new brand. Basically, that we wanted to appeal to a younger audience. They translated that request into a brand that looked like it belonged in the 21st century.


  1. Design a great logo

A great logo can be used on a variety of materials and formats. Our old logo was a textured Victorian-style spoon which was pretty on the business card, but it didn’t translate to different mediums and it was a bit outdated. The new logo had several great benefits besides the more modern aesthetic. The square shape allowed it to be used in a variety of formats, such as on letterhead or stacked with other logos on sponsorship banners. It was also vector-based, so it could be scaled very easily to a variety of sizes and added easily into promotional material using graphics software.


  1. Develop the color scheme and type standards

Keeping a consistent brand identity is about more than just a logo. We developed a brand standards guide which dictated the use of typography and colors to coordinate with our logo. This way we avoid reinventing the wheel each time there is new promotional materials to design. It also creates a consistent and professional image that helps to attract and retain clients.


  1. Get yourself out there!

A beautiful new logo and brand identity doesn’t mean much if no one knows about it, which is why we made our rebranding part of a larger overhaul of our marketing efforts. That included a redesign of our website and having professional photographs taken. Besides making sure the design of the website was in keeping with our branding guidelines, we optimized the website for search engines and usability. In the couple of years that have passed since our rebranding and renewed marketing, we’ve seen some great changes in our business. Customers have commented on the professionalism of our brand, especially the website. They also like the convenience of being able to access the menu online and we’ve generated hundreds of leads from our SEO and web presence on social media and various industry sites. But the work is never done, it’s important to keep tabs on the latest trends while not succumbing to every new thing that crosses your path. Keep your identity classic and you will go far too!

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