Ideas for Inexpensive DIY Wedding Centerpieces

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Many brides find that creating their own centerpieces at their wedding reception is a great way to save money and incorporate some of their own personal style into the event. Here are some ideas for inexpensive DIY wedding centerpieces that you can easily customize to reflect your personal style on your special day.

Centerpieces and party favors in one

This is a clever way to take care of party favors for guests and create an attractive centerpiece at the same time. You could have miniature potted plants for a natural and organic feeling wedding. You could try baskets of fresh fruit to show off your foodie side. Anything that is pleasing and appetizing to look at and has some height to it will look great and delight your guests at the same time.

Suspended décor

This is a fun way to add drama to the space and a creative way to add decoration if you’re low on room. You can isolate the décor to a hanging mobile above each table for playful, airy centerpieces, or you can have large dramatic swaths of suspended décor across the ballroom or banquet area. Some inexpensive but fun ideas include: paper cranes or other origami shapes, balloons, streamers, flowers, and twinkling lights.

Alternatives to flowers

Real flower arrangements for each table centerpiece can be incredibly expensive, so you can save a lot of money by going a non-traditional route. To create a romantic atmosphere, try candle lighting. Candles can be very versatile, depending on the style you have in mind. For a festive vibe use an array of candles in varying heights, sizes, and colors that complement your color scheme. If you want a dreamier atmosphere go with simple white votive candles, arranged in groups of clear glass containers of varying sizes to create a glowing ambiance. For a magical and reflecting effect, arrange the candles on mirror tiles.

Seasonal Centerpieces

For a convenient source of inspiration, consider the time of year that the wedding will take place. It could also be more accessible and, often, cheaper to acquire the materials needed for the centerpieces. For example, incorporate seasonal and local fruit and flowers for your spring or summer wedding. For a winter wedding, try a large cylinder vase filled with reflective, round Christmas ornaments.

Useful tips

It’s fun to come up with creative ideas but just as easy to forget the more practical considerations, so here are a few to keep in mind. First, before you commit to anything make sure the venue allows it. It will probably make more sense to select the venue before the décor so you don’t have to scramble change the latter at the last minute if, for example, you want to hang streamers and light candles but the venue has a rule against it. Secondly, ensure that your centerpieces will be sturdy, especially when your guests have had a few drinks and things start to get a bit rowdy. Lastly, one technique for saving money and adding interest to the décor is to vary the designs between tables. This way you can purchase fewer dramatic centerpieces and alternate them with simpler versions on the same theme.

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