Menu Ideas for Popular Wedding Themes

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Great Gatsby

Are you thinking of a 1920’s style wedding? This theme is perhaps best exemplified by F.Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, which was inspired by the extravagant parties the author attended in Long Island during the prohibition era. To capture the style and excitement of this theme at your wedding reception, serve historically appropriate cocktail foods and prohibition era drinks. Hors d’oeuvres to try include shrimp cocktail, oysters, deviled eggs, tea sandwiches, and canapés. Popular drinks at the time generally used distilled spirits since wineries and breweries were forced to close or switch to non-alcoholic drinks. For cocktails try champagne punch, sidecar, and the bee’s knees. And don’t forget to have jazz musical accompaniment during cocktail hour!

Rustic Chic

Maybe you prefer the simplicity and charm of the rustic chic style of wedding. This is one of the most popular themes at the moment. Comfort food is the most appropriate type of food for this wedding, but just because it’s homey doesn’t mean it has to be shabby. Liven up a buffet spread with colorful, varied, and fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. You can also do a slightly more elegant twist on the theme and do a rustic Italian buffet, instead of the usual American BBQ.


Modern weddings tend to be bold and elegant with eclectic and personalized touches. Reception food may involve fusion cuisine, with experimental combinations of ethnic foods, especially if the families joining are from different cultural backgrounds. Tasting bars and stations are popular in modern weddings too. They showcase the personality of the couple while encouraging mingling and experimentation among guests. Have a meat, cheese, and fruit buffet with an array of labeled choices. Or serve shooters of your favorite snack, such as milk and chocolate chip cookies.


This is our favorite theme because it never goes out of style! Classic is memorable without the risk of appearing dated in a year. It doesn’t have to be boring either. You can take your inspiration from anywhere, but apply it in a simple and elegant way so that your day remains special instead of gimmicky. For example, instead of a tasting station with trendy, casual fare like grilled cheese sandwiches have a chef carving station to make the food service seem interactive and entertaining, yet sophisticated.

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