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Corporate Catering. Time. Morale. Money.

Corporate Catering.  Time. Morale. Money.

Are you contemplating bringing office catering to your business? Convincing your boss? Weighing the pros and cons? Are you in charge of the next employee appreciation event? Decisions…decisions. Time. Catering lunch to an office keeps your associates in the building instead of leaving the premises. Does this save on time? Sure it can. Clearly, the…

Classic Catering presents Classic Faces:
Paul (Spence) Spencer

Spence and son Jack of Classic Catering

Meet our Event Specialist: Paul Spencer, or better known as “Spence”, hails from Overland Park, KS. Previous places he called home include Raleigh, NC and Florida. He has been married for 30 years, and has three kids: two girls and a boy. His wife has an Australian Shephard & Blue Heeler mix that he gets…