Classic Weddings“What could we do to make this client’s wedding reception even better?” At Classic Catering, that’s the question we ask about each time we meet a new bride. Why that extra push? According to owners Mary and Doug Partridge, “Because that’s how we’d want our caterer to treat us if this was our own wedding reception!”

At Classic we recently wondered, “Are we consistently making our clients’ wedding receptions the best they can be?” We had hoped so; but we wanted some honest feedback. So Classic asked a third party to contact several wedding clients. The group contacted brides, their parents, and even some grooms! As it turned out, We were quite gratified by what our clients had to say.

Classic Weddings“Our clients said their guests ‘loved the food’ (especially the Cheese Torte and Champagne Chicken!) They also said we were good listeners, and that we always asked, ‘What kind of wedding do you want?’ They liked that we kept a top chef on staff, and that we made most of our catered cuisine from scratch in our own professional-grade catering kitchen. They said we were ‘friendly’ and ‘took a very personal approach’ to their wedding receptions. Clients told us they liked ‘that there were no hidden fees.’ Many brides said our ‘service was seamless’; and several clients even said, ‘Classic thought of everything!’”

Click on Classic Weddings to view real comments from real wedding clients. After all, who better to talk about Classic wedding catering services than our customers? Or explore what else Classic Catering can offer to make your special day even more special.

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